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G l i    E l e m e n t i    d e l    D i s a s t r o

Inside Ostia's pine forest widens a necropolis of tree carcasses, consumed into grotesque shapes; or otherwise uprooted, awaiting removal, guarding the caves left by their roots, like footprints of colossal pre-historical creatures. Burnt sand and ashes summon an atavistic landscape. 

I was first brought there by the artist and director Valerio Sirna.  The artist Giulia Lanza and I realised a series of works developed around our exploration of the burnt forest. We kept collecting and documenting images and fragments, that inspired several works. 

I am attracted by these objects because they are powerful and primordial, and their physical structure betrays the inner architecture of reality. Through them immediately transpires the balance of causal forces that irradiates throughout the fabric of space-time, developing aesthetic correspondences between its elements. 

Works from this series have been presented at MAMMA ROMA_Esplorazioni urbane-Pratiche della percezione , by Valerio Sirna and Leonardo Delogu in 2017, at Macro Asilo in 2019, in CopperLeg Art Residency in 2020 and at India Theatre in Rome in 2021. 

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