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Inside Art 

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Inside Art 

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Inside Art

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Macro Asilo


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Through painting I am trying to reach the structural identity of form and matter. I aim to represent the consubstantiality of image and deep architecture of the object, thanks to the layering of sensitive and transparent materials that build its form organically, throughout small variations. The surface of my work results from the mutual action of consciousness and matter: the consciousness operates upon matter, and the haptic and optical qualities of materials inform neural processes. The behaviour of matter interacts with forms as they develop in unexpected ways, and reveals new meanings, associations and correspondences that couldn't happen otherwise.


​The object can be observed through its relationships, its aesthetic interactions, whilst its inner core withdraws, inaccessible. My aesthetic research is built upon the hypothesis of the immediate knowledge of an object's deep essence through art, when its formal structure betrays reality's hidden functioning. As does the golden resonance between the concretions of burnt wood, geological formations and organic tissues; the harmonies that emerge spontaneously throughout the fabric of space-time.  

«The image is determined little by little, along several attempts, because this creative process takes place in an internal dynamic, unique and unrepeatable (which only initially refers to previous operations)... maybe the artwork allows a deeper understanding of oneself, ma it’s not born for that. Perhaps is biologically bound to our existence; but it doesn’t have a “reason”. Like life itself


Giuseppe Zigaina